Why Stormwater Matters

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Why a Stormwater Utility?

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Establish a Stormwater Utility

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Hear What Community Leaders Have to Say

"Stormwater utilities have been used in over 1,700 localities around the United States to solve stormwater issues in a cost-efficient manner that provides local governments with new resources to do so."
Senator Bob Smith
NJ - Legislative District 17
"By establishing a stormwater utility, Wilmington was able to directly address its stormwater issues while equitably distributing the cost of compliance and watershed protection.  Without the utility, we would be struggling to give stormwater the priority it deserves. "
DPW Commissioner Kelly Williams
Wilmington, DE
"As a coastal community, Hoboken is at the forefront of managing stormwater runoff. This is a critical long term project that will help ensure our streets are not flooded with combined sewer overflow, which is a threat to our City’s quality of life. Through our resiliency parks and other projects that take aim at controlling storm water runoff, we are designing a safer, resilient and cleaner City."
Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla
Hoboken, NJ
"Flooding used to feel like an inevitable part of life in Camden, but now I know that some of it can be avoided. We can help address this issue by upgrading Camden's aging infrastructure and implementing stormwater policies that take into account health equity and environmental justice."
Project Manager Shaniqua Biles
Coopers Ferry Partnership, Camden NJ

Stormwater Utilities Are Growing

The maps below show the increasing number of stormwater utilities in the United States from 1,022 in 2009 to 1,716 in 2019.  During these 10 years, stormwater utilities have been established to serve communities of all sizes, from Indian Creek Village, FL with a population of 88 to Los Angeles with a population of three million.  These localities also experience a wide array of water quality, flooding, and other issues that have been solved by establishing a stormwater utility.