What Can a Stormwater Utility Pay For?

The list below, which summarizes activities that are eligible for funding from a stormwater utility, is derived from the Clean Stormwater and Flood Reduction Act. Viewed as broad categories, typical projects either preserve the existing stormwater system, reduce flooding by limiting runoff (e.g., in volume or rate), decrease nonpoint source pollution, control erosion, or address combined sewer overflows. Note that the list is not exhaustive.



Establishment of stormwater utility

Initial planning, including the feasibility study and data gathering (e.g., budget expenses and impervious coverage by parcel)

Capital expenditures

Planning, design, engineering, acquisition, construction, and improvement of a stormwater management system, including green infrastructure components

Operations and maintenance

Service requests, street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, snow removal, channel/culvert maintenance, pipe repairs, and maintenance of green infrastructure installations

Asset management program

Program development activities for a stormwater management system

Stormwater management plan and stormwater control ordinances

Program development activities for a stormwater management plan and stormwater control ordinances pursuant to section 1 of P.L. 1981, c.32 (C.40:55D-93).

New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) 

Any compliance activities required pursuant to NJPDES permit

Combined sewer overflow (CSO)

Development and implementation of any long-term control plan to mitigate CSO pursuant to state or federal law, rule, regulation, permit, or consent decree

Monitoring, inspection, and enforcement

Any such activities to carry out the purposes of P.L.2019, c. 42(C.40A:26B-1 et al.)

Public outreach and education

Any public education and outreach related to stormwater management

Administrative costs

Staff or service costs for billing invoices, requests for fee credits, legal review, collection of overdue fees, periodic reporting, and general office overhead.

*Also, any additional stormwater activities as authorized by the NJDEP, the Division of Local Government Services in the department of Community Affairs, or the Local Finance Board pursuant to rules, regulations, or permits. P.L2019, c.42 (C.40A:26B-8(e).

For NJDEP guidance on what a stormwater utility can pay for, click here.

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