Building Your Team

When considering a stormwater utility, it is important to form an in-house team of local staff whose respective areas will be affected. Some will provide advice on planning and implementation, while others may influence the decision-making process. 

The initial conceptual discussion and the final “go or no-go” decision will directly involve the chief executive officer (e.g., mayor, county executive, or utility director). Typically, these stages could also include the chief of staff and the business administrator.

The planning and implementation phases often involve a stormwater utility study team. The study team typically includes:

  • Director of public works
  • Chief engineer
  • Finance officer
  • Billing supervisor
  • Legal and public communications staff
  • Executive Director or operating officer of Municipal Utilities Authority (if applicable)

The business administrator may also be involved, in part, to provide a bridge between the two groups. The study team will work closely with a consultant hired to perform the feasibility study that examines the array of potential options and recommends a course of action that fits the community’s circumstances. 

See here for an overview of how these staff are involved at different steps in the process. 

See here for a list of consultants who can help perform the feasibility study.

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